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Fun Christmas facts

Adding to my own beliefs of Christmas this is dead on gets to the heart of it Jesus would do away with some of our traditions and weave in some of His Own for a change waste not want not!!& He made it to every house every Christmas for all time !

Learned A Lot.

Things u never really thnk about. But when u read them u're like REALLY!! Learned A Lot.


Thank you for providing such an application that is insightful and also without inappropriate facts that kids should not be reading


Yeah.. Trust me guys its so awesome..... Forget the others..... They r not interesting.. Bt this 1 is jst great

My analysis

If u wanna get extra knowledge about the beliefs associated with the Christmas season this is the app for u. A perfect collection of Xmas facts can help you discover the truth from the myths and legends.

One more fact

Let me share one more fact that this is the best app for Christmas. Good work boys!!

Thanks Christmas fun facts

To be honest, I didn't know these facts before. Thanks Xmas fun facts for increasing my knowledge.

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